Your virtual challenge: Inca Trail

Your virtual challenge: Inca Trail



  • £10K Target
  • £2,415 Raised
  • 38 Fundraisers
  • Event date Fri 15th Jan 2021 - Sat 31st Dec 2022
  • Location Anywhere
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This is your opportunity to share more details about your map-based challenge. Here you’ll be able to introduce the milestones of your route, explain to your supporters how they can participate, and emphasise the impact they are having by backing your cause. Exciting information you can call out : both individual and team participation is supported and any kind of activities (that’s right, any!) can be logged manually or by using Strava. You can also upload images and videos here to inspire your supporters and make your event page stand out. ----------------------- ⚡ Make sure you check out some of the example individual and team fundraising pages to experience the interactive maps .

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First donation made!
First donation made!

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